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5. Are there specific examples on how to implement adaptive management?

Are detailed guidelines available on how to manage conflicts e.g. between agriculture, fisheries and livestock herders driven by drastic decline in rainfall? Key concepts & skills: • Iterative decision-making • Feedback between monitoring and decisions • Explicit characterization of system uncertainty through multi-model inference • Embracing risk and uncertainty as a way of building understanding

Recommended (Handbooks & Toolkits):

35.jpg CHANGE: adaptation of water resources management to climate change (IUCN, 2003)
Climate change is here and will be with us for the long term. The challenge facing water professionals is how to make decisions in the face of this new uncertainty. This book outlines a new management approach that moves beyond technical quick fixes towards a more adaptive style that is inclusive and innovative. The book is available in English, Spanish and French.

36.jpg IWRM as a Tool for Adaptation to Climate Change (UNDP/Cap-Net, 2009)
This training manual is developed to assist capacity builders in developing training and educational programmes on the use of IWRM tools and instruments for adaptation to climate change impacts. The manual and supporting Powerpoints is available in five languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

Designing Adaptation Initiatives Toolkit (UNDP, 2010)
This guide supports the design of measurable, reportable and verifiable adaptation initiatives. It provides step-by-step guidance in designing climate change adaptation projects.


Project 2263: Updating a Transboundary Diagnostic Analysis as Part of Adaptive Management (Experience Note, 2008)


Presentations from the October 2007 session on SAP Implementation and Adaptive Management,
4th GEF Biennial IW Conference in Cape Town, South Africa:

Adaptive Management in the Danube River Basin (Weller/Zavadsky) [IWC4 Presentation]

SAP Implementation and Adaptive Management (Van der Beck) [IWC4 Focused Learning Discussion Report]


Recommended (Case Studies):

Pangani River Basin, Tanzania (IUCN-WANI): Building consensus on water allocation and climate change adaptation.
[More on Pangani at the source]

Tacaná Watersheds, Guatemala & Mexico (IUCN-WANI): Transboundary water governance and implementation of IWRM through local community action. [More on the Suchiate and Coatán at the source]

Komadugu Yobe Basin, Nigeria (IUCN-WANI): Multi-stakeholder participation to create new institutions and legal frameworks to manage water resources. [More on KYB at the source]

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