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2. How to apply the results of valuations in decision making and communicate outcomes?

How to take action and use ecosystem values in river basin management and water decisions? Key concepts & skills: • ecosystems as water infrastructure: benefits of ecosystems for water management • approaches to integrating ecosystems into river basin management • economic costs of ecosystem degradation; the need for investment in ecosystems & for allocation of water to ecosystems • integrating economic values for ecosystems into decision making • relevance of ecosystem values to GEF projects and processes • understanding and interpreting the valuation report • incorporating results into options assessments, environmental assessments, investment analysis, etc. • developing recommendations • communicating results and recommendations; using ecosystem valuations to change ways of thinking • making ecosystem valuation standard practice in planning and decision making for development and natural resource management.


Guide to Corporate Ecosystem Valuation (WBCSD, 2011)

Recommended (Case Studies):

7.jpg Ecosystem Approaches in Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) A Review of 7 Transboundary River Basins by IISD/UNEP-DHI

IUCN-WANI: Barotse Floodplain, Zambia; Waza Logone Floodplain, Cameroon; Tana River, Kenya; Nakivubo Swamp, Uganda; Muthurajawela Marsh, Sri Lanka; Ream National Park, Cambodia; Indus Delta, Pakistan; Sekong Province, Lao PDR

Fisheries & Marine:

22.jpgWhy value the oceans - A discussion paper (TEEB,2012)

International Guidelines for Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries (FAO, 2012)

8.jpg Sunken Billions: The Economic Justification for Fisheries Reform (World Bank/FAO, 2009)

Valuation of marine ecosystem services: a gap analysis (World Bank/UNEP-WCMC/The Earth Institute, 2008)

The ecosystem approach to fisheries: technical guidelines for responsible fisheries (FAO, 2003)


Presentations from the November 2012 Regional Targeted Workshop for GEF IW Projects & Partners in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, run by IW:LEARN, UNECE, IUCN, Rhodes University and FAO:
9.jpg Examples from the Indian Ocean: the ASCLME/SWIOFP/FAO Nansen Project (Warwick Sauer & Kevern Cochrane)

Presentations from the July 2007 workshop on Economic Valuation for Large Marine Ecosystems in Cape Town, South Africa,
run by IUCN and IW:LEARN:
Caspian Environment Programme: Experiences and lessons learnt (Hamidreza Ghaffarzadeh)
The economics of LMEs: The case of the Benguela Current Large Marine Ecosystem (BCLME) (Tony Leiman)

Presentations from the November 2006 workshop on Economic Valuation and Water-Related Decision-Making in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso,
run by IUCN and IW:LEARN:
Valuation case stories from South Africa (Earthmind)
Examples of valuation in practical river basin management (IUCN)
Application of valuation in decision-making (IUCN)
Niger Delta case study - Part 1 (Wetlands International)
Niger Delta case study - Part 2 (Wetlands International)
Initial effort in economic valuation – Lower Mekong (World Bank Institute)

Cooperation on international rivers: A continuum for securing and sharing benefits (World Bank, 2005)
Valuing wetlands in decision-making: Where are we now? (IUCN, 2003)
Beyond the river: the benefits of cooperation on international rivers / Au-delà du fleuve: les avantages de la coopération portant sur les fleuves internationaux (C W. Sadoff and D. Grey, 2002)
Balancing water needs (IUCN, 2004 - a large file!)
Developing markets for watershed protection services and improved livelihoods in South Africa (CSIR, 2003) (Earthmind)
Africa's international rivers: An economic perspective Part 1 Part 2
Les fleuves internationaux d'Afrique: Une perspective économique (World Bank, 2002)
Capturing the hidden values of wetlands (G Acharya, 1998)
Conserving or mining the St Lucia Dunes (F. Vorhies and D. Vorhies, 1993)
Valuing our natural environment (UK DEFRA, 2006)
Money for Nothing? A Call for Empirical Evaluation of Biodiversity Conservation Investments (P. J. Ferraro and S. K. Pattanayak, 2006)
The economic importance of wild resources in the Hadejia-Nguru wetlands in Nigeria (IIED, 1997)
Nature for water: Innovative finance for the environment (UNECE, 2006)
Payments for ecosystem services in integrated water resources management (UNECE, 2006)
Developing a framework for payments of catchment protection services in South Africa (CSIR, 2006)
Business in the world of water (WBCSD, 2006)
Financing water: Risks and opportunities (UNEP, 2006)
Financing water: CEO briefing (UNEP, 2006)
Nature for water (UNECE, 2005)
Water-related ecosystems for water management (UNECE, 2005)
Valuing nature: Lessons learned and future research directions (CSERGE, 2002)
The valuation of biodiversity for national biodiversity strategies and action plans (UNEP, 2000)


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